Sun Certified Java Programmer ( SCJP )


                                                        � Upal Chakraborty

Following a few steps may get you 100% in SCJP.

1. Decide which version you are going to appear. Check the Training Certification details of SCJP offered by Sun Microsystems.

2. Thoroughly go through the exam objectives of SCJP Standard Edition 5.0 or SCJP Standard Edition 6 depending on which one you are going to appear.

3. If you are starting with Java or more specifically Object Oriented Programming then collect the book Java Programming Language (SL-275-SE6) provided by Sun Microsystems. If you are already familiar with Object Oriented Programming then go for Head First Java by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates.

4. Understanding the concepts will help you to get the explanation. Here are a few articles that will help you to improve your understanding--
> Serialization
> Generics
> Collections
> Inner Classes
> DateFormat & NumberFormat

5. Here goes some special SCJP tips for you that will help you to identify the answer quickly--
> In case of Attribute, SubClass gets the priority. But in case of Constructor, Superclass gets the priority.
> A Non-Static Method can directly call a Static Method. But a Static Method can not directly call a Non-Static Method.
> .jar file containing the class, holding Main Method, has to be in the same directory as of the ClassPath.
> NULL value leads to RunTime Exception.
> A method in start() will be executed by run() thread. But a method in run() will be executed as a different thread than start().
> Same Method with different Argument List can not Override its counterpart in SuperClass.
> is-a stands for Inheritance, e.g. house is a building. has-a stands for Instance of a Class, e.g. house has a bedroom.
> Parent Interface is 'Extended' in Child Interface, not 'Implemented'.
> Any Super will fail in List. But Omission, Extension(extends) or Wild Card(?) will be successful.
> For a Collection to use sort(), Interface 'Comparable' has to be Implemented. Hence compareTo() is required.
> User defined exception should either Implement 'Throwable' Interface or Extend 'Exception'.

6. Before you finally appear for the SCJP go for this SCJP mock test.

Go through the 5th point once again and finally sleep at least 8 hour before the day of your appearance in SCJP. Best of Luck...

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