Upal Chakraborty    
    Random Surfer's Diary

  Random Writings :-

  1. God is Reality - Evidences Galore

  2. Intelligence in Origin of Life

  3. Inclusive Growth and India

  4. Astrology and Society

  5. Brief Introduction to Hacking

  6. A New Concept of the Universe

  7. Get 100% in SCJP

  8. Fake IPL Player

  9. Online Money Making Strategy

  10. Free Mobile Recharge

  11. Bing

  12. Adsense Click Fraud

  13. Orkut Virus Bom Sabado

  14. Jan Lok Pal Bill and Anna Hazare

  15. Indian Rupee Symbol

  16. Google Ranking Factors

  17. WWW Map Error on App Engine

  18. Free Web Hosting Trick

  Random Resources :-

  1. IAS Career Prospect and Preparation Review

  2. ISRO Electronics Syllabus

  3. ISRO Computer Science Syllabus

  4. ISRO Mechanical Syllabus

  5. Facts about Lever

  6. Inside Google and Amazon

  7. Rules of Success

  8. RBI Recruitment

  9. SBI Recruitment

  10. WBSETCL Preparation


Random surfing is my hobby and thereby I have got a versatile net surfing experience. So just trying to share some random moments, random thoughts and random articles with all of you in an absolute random manner.


  Random Coding :-

  1. Google Crash

  2. Follow the Mouse

Falling down is not Defeat...                    It is when you Refuse to Rise...