Error to map www domain with Google App Engine

For those who are unaware of the what this error is all about, let me brief the problem first...

Suppose an application is created using Python in local machine and has been deployed to Google App Engine. Primarily the application is accessed through the following URL -

Now, suppose we want to run it on our own domain. Google does not allow to run an app engine aplication on a naked domain. But subdomain is allowed. Subdomain can be anything e.g., but the common requirement is as subdomain. And here is the problem.

I was trying to run on Google App Engine following this guideline. Whenever I am trying to add www CNAME it is getting rejected, though I have not used this CNAME for any other app. It is showing a message...

We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later. (Error #1000)

But when I am trying with CNAMEs ww or wwww... there is no problem !!!

As far as my conscience goes, this is because the CNAME www has been reserved by Goggle to run some existing app on Google Apps. So I was looking for a way out to clear www for app engine.

After a day long jostling with Google Appspot and App Engine I have now been able to run on Google App Engine. Just do the following steps -

1. From domain's control panel, go to Settings -> Sites and Change URL to Point the CNAME record www to as prompted, and wait for the change to start working in browser. It will take a few minutes. If your browser cache holds the old page for long then cross check at

2. Go back to Settings -> Sites and Change URL to adding another CNAME sites to This change will take another few minutes to reflect. Again may come handy. Please wait until the change takes place.

3. Now you will be able to add as preferred URL over http://<appID> At this point the server behavior will be really fluctuating for a few minutes. Sometimes it would still hit the old sites page, and some other time it would get a page that shows 404 Page Not Found error.

Within 10-15 minutes things start to settle down and since then is running steadily on Google App Engine.

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