Upal Chakraborty

Bing is here. According to the internal industry sources Microsoft, the mother of Bing, is eyeing for the second place after Google. But for sure its mission is the first place. So a few facts--

1.    For a search of Google in Bing it returns 135,000,000 results whereas for search of Bing in Google it returns 22,900,000 results.

2.    Bing comes from Bingo. A popular exclamation that comes after a successful search. The very same way Yahoo! was named, whereas Google derives its name from the word Googol, which means 10 to the power 100.

3.    Bing comes along with the controversy that it will help porn surfers. Bing provides a facility to watch video without leaving the search page, a property offered by neither Yahoo! nor Google.

4.    Google used to personalize results according to user search habit. Till date Bing is not doing so. e.g. a search for Transformer Radiator Manufacturer will yield a different set of 10 results across different machines, whereas the outcome of Bing is still the same for all !!!

5.    Last but not the least. If you are in India ...try searching Sex in Bing !!!

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