- Anjan Kumar Chakraborty

The Creator or God is largely an incomprehensible embodiment of knowledge and the humans in the planet earth have gathered enough information to understand the broad design of the cosmic evolution and investigate the facts behind emergence of life and survival of the mankind in our planet. Humans are now capable of discovering the foot-print of the Creator.

True, the statement about the creator may not be acceptable to many since it is not verifiable by ready-at-hand solid evidences. Rather this statement is based on human knowledge about the universe in general and facts behind emergence of life and survival of intelligent life-form in the Earth, in particular. Although traditional tools of investigation may not be applicable to prove the statement, findings and observations indicate that the statement is true. Logical conclusion demands a Creator for our observable universe.

When origin of life in our planet is investigated it cannot be ignored that intelligence or some kind of mental coding was necessary for creation of life. Primarily, 20 left handed amino acids in RNA and DNA, formed in living cells, must work simultaneously for life of a cell. Cells can make right amounts of each protein and, to make them functional, fold, and use them only in right places in cells or switch their production on & off from directions in the cell's library of information called DNA. According to standard dictionaries, by information we mean knowledge communicated or received. It may also mean a message that conveys a meaning.

Now, information is not matter, though it is imprinted on matter. There is no known natural law through which matter can itself give rise to information, neither is there any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this.

Information never happens apart from intelligence, yet each cell contains huge amounts of information which are communicable by the system. DNA carries the genetic information through four types of nucleotides which act like a 'four letter' alphabet or code. These "letters" of DNA code can be arranged to spell out instructions for making all the different proteins. Undoubtedly, it requires intelligence to devise letters or code, and arrange them into instructions. This is a very important evidence that life came from an intelligent creator rather than from dumb chemicals.

Scientists use information as a proof of intelligence because evidences overwhelmingly support this position. So it appears that complex information in each cell can only come from a very intelligent entity.

This idea is substantiated by human history where all languages, alphabets and codes that we know of, as well as information spoken or written in them, originated in intelligent mind.

Some people, who do not agree that there is intelligence behind creation of life, claim that first cell came together from dumb chemicals. They claim chance factor, time factor etc. could invent the chemical code of a first cell and use it to make the right proteins, fold them properly and use each one to the only place in the cell where it will fit. But this is not observable, testable, or repeatable. So, it is not science.

Now, if we turn our focus on the orbit-path of the Earth in relation to the Sun, it is revealed that our single-star planetary system, ensuring uniform heating, is a boon for the mankind.

Since the earth's orbit-path is almost a circle around the Sun, the planet is never too hot or too cold for sustaining life-forms. Thus, the orbital 'eccentricity' (a measure of how near an ellipse is to a circle where the value varies between 0 &1), which is only 2 percent for the Earth, appears to be "arranged" for life forms to sustain within tolerable variation of temperature.

Again, given the Sun's mass and age (determining the amount of energy it emits), the distance between the star and our planet allows water in liquid form and the "right" temperature is essential for intelligent life, as we know it. So our planet is fortunately within the narrow 'habitable zone' of the solar system and this cosmic feature is, perhaps, the Creator's design to create and sustain intelligent life in our planet.

Not only life is created in the planet earth and conditions fulfilled for its survival, but also it is appeared to be protected for a long time thereby allowing life to evolve to its present intelligent-form.

It is now known that there is an inverse relation between size of asteroids and the frequency that such objects hit earth. It implies, larger the size of asteroid, longer is the time-interval that such objects hit earth. One estimate shows that large objects (more than 5kms in diameter) likely to hit the Earth every 20 million years. If this collision probability theory is correct, it would mean that intelligent life on the Earth has developed only because of lucky chance that there had been no major collision in the last 66 million years. Hawking believes in other planets in our galaxy (Milky Way), on which life might have evolved, may not have had a long enough collision- free period to evolve intelligent life.

It is true what has kept the Earth "safe", at least for the last 66 million years, other than "luck" is the massive gravitational field of the planet Jupiter. With its stable circular orbit, far from the Sun, sweeps up and scatters away most of the dangerous and probable Earth orbit-crossing asteroids and comets. However, if asteroids approach from the direction of the Sun, it may not be possible to detect them until it is too late. One estimate shows that at present we are only able to detect less than 5 percent of asteroids that are actually orbiting near the Earth. Recently, Charles Bolden, chief of NASA Space Research Centre, has cautioned that the only way to save our planet from collision of large asteroids and consequent mass extinction is to pray to God to avoid such collision. Because, contrary to popular belief, at present we have no technology or system to prevent such collision, if it occurs. We are blessed by the Creator !

Even, when we investigate the broad design of the universe, it appears , there is a definite goal behind the evolution of the universe from the BIG BANG. Now we know that a change of 0.5 percent in the strength of strong nuclear force, or 4 percent in the electromagnetic force, would destroy nearly all carbon or all oxygen in every star, and thus, the possibility of life in the universe. Again a much weaker weak nuclear force in the early universe or 0.2 heavier protons would have destroyed the existing design of the universe and possibility for the platform for creation of life, as we know it. So, it appears, the Laws of the Fundamental Forces and some basic parameters are extremely fine-tuned, and they can hardly be changed without killing the possibility of life in the universe.

If we go farther back and focus on very early universe as described in the BIG BANG model, we cannot but conclude that the initial state of the universe must have been "chosen" very carefully. If the rate of expansion one second after the BIG BANG had been smaller or larger by even one part of 1 after 50 zeros, the universe would have recollapsed long ago or it would be effectively empty now. This is Hawking's opinion about the critical rate of expansion of the early universe. Again, large number of stars are visible in naked eyes because of small differences in the density from one region to another of very tiny and very early universe when density, curvature and temperature of the then universe were almost infinite. Still seeds were implanted in the very beginning to allow us to see that we are not alone. We can observe other heavenly bodies and can feel that we are an inseparable part of the universe.

The above findings indicate an indivisible trend line from the BIG BANG to the development of intelligent life in earth. This definite goal of the Creator appears comprehensible. But why intelligent form of life is created and what is the nature of the Creator are unknown to us. So the creator remains largely incomprehensible. Is it an intelligent energy which initiated the cosmic evolution from the BIG BANG with a definite end ? The question, as it appears, is beyond the ambit of science, as we know it. But the author strongly believes that logical humans will get more and more evidences of the Creator in future.

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