How to host a Website for Free  

Lately a lot of people have been asking me how I started my web venture with almost no capital. The trump card in this game has always been a free hosting, Best Host Free, which is as stable as a paid one. Here I am going to describe how to host a website for free in a step by step manner.

Initially I would like to bring awareness to the fact that to launch a website you require 3 things --
1. a domain name
2. a web host and
3. one or more web pages, i.e. .html or .php files to be hosted on your web host.
Among the 3 mentioned above a domain name is never available for free if it is a top level domain, e.g. .com, .org, .net, .in or .us. A subdomain like or may be avialable for free for 1 year, but I'll always recommend to buy a top level domain as it is taken seriously by search engines as well as the internet audience.
  1. Go to

  2. Search for your desired domain name, e.g.

  3. If it is shown available, then order it.

  4. In the order page, chose the Free Hosting Plan and continue.

  5. Click continue without chosing any other option. This will take you to a page to fill up your Account Information.

  6. Click sign up for a new client and enter your registration details. Use a proper email ID because a link of authentication will be sent over there.

  7. Agree with the Terms of Service and continue.

  8. You may now check your Account Details along with Shopping Cart details. Shopping cart will contain your chosen domain name only.

  9. Now select your Payment Method -- PayPal or WorldPay. Using a credit/debit Master/Visa card you may complete this transaction.

  10. It will take approximately 24-72 hours for the domain to get booked in your name.

  11. Check your inbox of the email ID you provided. It will contain your client ID.

  12. Provide this client ID and Password you entered at the time of registration in

  13. When you login you'll be provided 2 panel -- 1. Domain Control Panel and 2. Hosting Control Panel. Go to the Hosting Control Panel.

  14. Inside Hosting Control Panel, go to Website Manager --> File Manager --> File Manager(Light). This will contain a folder of your domain name, e.g.

  15. Get into the folder and this will contain a file index.html, which contains the design of your current home page. You need to change this page with your own design.

  16. A search for Web Templates may reveal lots of prospective sites where you will get beautiful web templates for free. Get one of them, edit and upload all template files replacing the current index.html in the folder.

  17. Your website should be running at your domain name, i.e., by now.

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