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rupee symbol Indian Rupee, i.e. Rs. or INR, has got a new face. Like Dollar, Euro, Pound or Sterling INR will also be denoted by a symbol which looks like the image in the left. This new symbol was chosen by the union cabinet ministry of India through a public competition. The chosen logo is designed by D Udaya Kumar, 31, who studied B. Architecture at Anna University, Chennai, pursued M. Tech at Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, did his PhD at IIT Bombay and is set to join IIT Guwahati as assistant professor. This INR symbol is yet to be approved by Unicode Consortium but within next two years this new rupee symbol will be available in your computer keyboard just like '$' does. Though you may not need to wait for so long as a Mangalore based company, Fordian Technologies, has come up with a solution.

Font with Indian Rupee Symbol

  1. Download the attached font Rupee_Foradian.ttf
  2. Copy the font and paste it in Fonts folder in control panel.
  3. Start using it with the ` character present at the left of 1, below Esc and above Tab. (Screenshots of the font being used in Microsoft Word and Gmail are shown at the right side)
I have already seen controversies around the web about using this font. Hence you just need to be a bit careful about using it. There is no issue if you are using this font with Indian rupee symbol for hard copy. But when you are sending any soft copy like MS Word document or using it in Gmail, you need to make sure that the recipient also have this font installed in his or her computer. Otherwise this rupee symbol will appear as ` in that computer. Now as most of the computers or mobile phones do not have a built in system to support this font family with Indian rupee symbol, it is better not to use it in any soft copy. For that matter you need to wait till 2012 to get this symbol approved by Unicode Consortium and become available by default in all the keyboards.
rupee font in Microsoft Word

rupee font in Gmail

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